The Houndscroft Partnership

problemA problem with your PC or laptop?

This may just require simple advice - alternatively, it may mean a repair or an upgrade. Either way, we can diagnose the problem and then offer you a cost-effective solution taking into account both the age of the machine and your usage needs.


can't connectI can't connect to the internet!

This is a common complaint and while it is sometimes something that will require you to talk to your broadband supplier, more often it is a router, wifi or configuration problem that we can solve for you.

We can also help with problems of patchy wifi coverage.


computer bugHave you caught a bug?

Viruses and malware are endemic and the perpetrators think of ever cleverer ways to get you to (unknowingly) install things you shouldn't. If your system is showing any unusual behaviour, we can investigate for you and clear out any problems.


backupHow precious are your documents and photos?

Assuming the answer isn't "not at all", we hope you are regularly backing everything up. If not, we can advise on the simplest and cheapest ways to do it which balance the value of your data and the ease of backing it up.